The ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint Reviews That Have Been Intentionally Hidden From You

The Other Side to the Fabricated and False Positive Story You See Online

ReMARKable Dry Erase Paint Reviews from Amazon

Below are some dry erase paint product reviews that came in on ReMARKable products on Amazon. As you can see, ReMARKable has quite a few 1 star and very terrible reviews across the board on all of their products for sale on You can check them out for yourself directly on the following product pages, and can also leave your own review and story about what you think about ReMARKable’s whiteboard paint products.

ReMARKable White Board Paint Reviews from Conversio (their own internal reviews/feedback engine)

Since I worked for ReMARKable for 6 years, 2013-18, as their sole digital marketing strategist and director, I have all of the negative feedback and reviews that poured in via their conversio account (they all landed in my inbox, as I was responsible for monitoring and filtering). ReMARKable tasked me with ensuring that no negative reviews or feedback would ever see the light of day and would not be viewable by the public – they only wanted the public to see the positive reviews. So, below you will find the real story, and the reviews that came in for ReMARKable that were not so pleasant!

ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint Reviews from Other Places Around the Web

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Check out this “Pseudo” Whiteboard Paint Reviews Video ReMARKable created in-studio to try to pull a fast one on potential customers.

They thought it would be a good idea to hire an actress, go into a video studio and shoot what they wanted to appear as a 3rd party neutral reviews video. It’s total bullshit! They arranged for the entire production and made the competitors they showed in the video look bad and made themselves look good. Any company could do something like this, but they chose to do it underhandedly thinking they could fool or dupe their audience. This is absolute 100% “fake news” in the world of whiteboard paint reviews. In my opinion, ReMARKable is a junk product, always has been, and always will be and no “reviews” video will ever prove otherwise.

You should have saw the dozens of comments that came in on this video that they asked me to delete! That’s right! They chose to censor anyone and everyone that suggested it was “fake” and fabricated, or anyone that had a negative experience with ReMARKable. I personally deleted and censored all of those comments while I was working for ReMARKable. I put the video back online, and it’s still ranking #1 on youtube for “whiteboard paint” which is kinda funny to me, but now I tell the truth in the video description and I welcome all comments! So feel free to go on youtube and leave your own comment calling them out on their bullshit and lies.


ReMARKable was a company that was built as a powerful sales and marketing engine. I know this and the details behind it, because I was responsible for their entire digital marketing campaign from the early beginnings when they were spending more than they were making, and trying to make it to sustainability and profit. I was considered part of the “family”, which were words used by the owners of ReMARKable many times. They were grateful for my efforts and what I had done to help them grow from a negative cash position business to a $1.2 million dollar per year revenue company. I was promised 10% stock ownership by one of the owners, the CEO of the company, and this was brought up several times, when we were in discussions celebrating our success together and planning our next steps to grow and scale. Suddenly, however, all of this came to a grinding halt. Despite my 6 years of track record in continuous growth with this company and despite all of the promises, they cut me out of the business without even a conversation. No words – no phone call – no email – no text message – NOTHING. They knew the income that I made with ReMARKable put food on the table for my family, and a roof over our heads. They knew I was dependent on the consistency of our partnership, and year over year over year, I delivered what they were wanting — yet, here I was, completely shocked, devastated with my primary source of income ripped out from under me without notice.

The good news for you, as a potential buyer of whiteboard paint, is that now you have the opportunity to learn the truth about this cold-hearted, inhumane organization that chooses to not keep promises, not pay final invoices and monies they owe, not even consider the humanity in their decisions and choices to just cut somebody off who has kids, and a life to sustain, without any warning, without any notice, without any severance pay or assistance in buying time to get back on his feet. Now you will get to hear about all of the truth regarding the plethora of negative reviews and feedback that come in on a regular basis and hit my inbox month after month over the years I was working with them. Their instructions to me were to hide all negative reviews, so that you, the potential buyers would only see one side, the positive side of course! So, now it’s time for karma to play itself out, as it always does, and what you think you can hide only actually can be hidden for so long – truth always wins. Enjoy my library and collection of negative reviews from ReMARKable whiteboard paint and decide for yourself – is this really the kind of company you want to spend your hard earned dollars with? There are plenty of other honest, reputable companies with quality products in this space, and they operate with integrity. In my personal opinion, ReMARKable is not one of those companies.  

Everything written above and on this website is personal opinion and for purposes of entertainment only.