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Choosing a Dry Erase Paint – The Top Factors


How well does the whiteboard paint erase? Do you have to apply a lot of pressure when you erase or does it wipe off easily and smoothly with ease? Is there anything left behind when you erase? Is there any smudging, discoloring, or streaking that is left after you erase?

Ease of Application

What is the application process like for the whiteboard paint you are considering? Are there application videos and tutorials available online so you can see what the process is like before you buy? Does it require professional paint experience or can anyone apply to a wall with simple instructions? Are the application instructions simple and clear?

Durability and Quality

Will your whiteboard wall project stand the test of time? Will you still be using this dry erase board wall years from now? Will it discolor and stain, or become unusable and unerasable over time? Or will it be just as good as new for many years to come? What is the whiteboard paint company’s guarantee or warranty on their product and your application?

Safety and Environment

Some white board paint products can be very toxic, unhealthy and very disastrous for our bodies, the planet and the environment. Is the whiteboard paint you are considering toxic, or even dangerous? Will it cause headaches and toxicity in your body when you are applying it or as it is drying? What levels of safety and environmental certifications are available? Is it flammable?

Customer Service and Support

How good are the levels of customer service and support for the dry erase paint company you are considering? What types of support are available – phone, online chat, email? When you call do you usually get voicemail or do you get a human? How responsive are they to your questions and concerns and requests for assistance?


In the grand scheme of things the old adage, “you get what you pay for” almost always certainly applies. Obviously you don’t want to be overpaying for a product, but you certainly don’t want to be underpaying either because you will certainly pay for that on the quality and durability side of things. Finding an upper echelon dry erase paint with superb quality, but overall excellent pricing and value is the sweet spot.

Whiteboard Paint Companies

These are the top competitors with the highest quality offering of whiteboard paint on the market.


The first and the original whiteboard paint. IdeaPaint really set up the stage and opened up the market space for whiteboard paint to become a commonly used thing in businesses, homes, schools, coworking spaces, coffee shops, retail spaces, and more. https://www.ideapaint.com


Writeyboards was the whiteboard paint company that got its big start through the TV show Shark Tank, funded by big financial investor and billionaire, Mark Cuban. They not only do dry erase paint, but they do a lot with the “peel and stick” market for temporary whiteboard space. https://writeyboards.com


Through my own personal experience in working with this company for 6 years, I can share my opinion that this product is pure hype, boosted by a marketing machine that I regrettably built, but is a total waste of money. Why would anyone want to give their money to folks who don’t honor their word and promises, hide their negative reviews, and cut good, hard working people out of a business without a shred of notice? https://www.remarkablecoating.com


Bulgarian based whiteboard paint company, Escreo has taken the European market by storm by becoming Bulgaria’s most popular choice quickly and a tough competitor in the UK as well. They are just now moving into US markets, and they seem to have a really nice, well reviewed product with some respectable brands who have had very positive experiences. https://escreo.com/us

Smarter Surfaces

Smarter Surfaces, the originators of Smart Wall Paint have a very nice catalog and variety of product offerings, including a very good quality dry erase paint. Also European based, but with distribution around the world, they are a fierce and quality competitor in the dry erase paint niche. https://smartersurfaces.com/


Big Box Store Brands

I’ll just give all these big box store brands a single mention, because honestly these companies are too big to care about any of you. They make a mass merchandise product, with as minimal quality and cost possible because these companies are about one thing at the end of the day – big profit. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Rustoleum. For anyone with a conscious, don’t buy big box store brands – buy from hard working small businesses that actually care 360 degrees – about their customers, employees, vendors, and everyone involved. These brands are not that. 

Whiteboard Paint in the Classroom

Schools, colleges, universities and professional classrooms around the globe are trading in the old, antiquated, traditional whiteboards that are limited in size and bulky in space, as well as chalkboards that are messy, squeaky, and not fun to write on. Whiteboard paint makes it easy to create a 360 degree classroom with massive whiteboard space surrounding the students. Imagine the collaboration and boost in imagination that is possible through the use of bigger brainstorming space through the magic of dry erase paint.

Whiteboard Paint in the Office

Innovative businesses, global leaders in social media, internet, software, and startup tech companies are leading the way toward whiteboard wall standards in their physical office headquarters and branches. The use of whiteboard paint in the office doesn’t stop at just the conference room, meeting or board rooms. Cutting edge companies are utilizing whiteboard wall space throughout their cubicles, offices, shared work environments, hallways, and pretty much anywhere there is wall space. Why not make the most of your physical space with walls that will open up opportunity for ideas, collaboration, brainstorming, organization of thought, mindmapping, art, doodling, expression and so much more?

Whiteboard Paint in Retail and Public

Many smart retail stores, coffee shop environments, bookstores, cafes, and public spaces are now utilizing whiteboard wall spaces to create opportunity for visitors and the general public to idea-storm and create together. Through the use of whiteboard paint, you can bring life to an entire wall or space in your environment and make things interactive and fun for your clientele and visitors to doodle and participate in whiteboard conversations.

Whiteboard Paint at Home

From kitchen walls to kids rooms, to home office space or finished basements, or even garage walls, dry erase paint is used at home all the time for purposes of organization, list making, kids creativity, family idea-storming and fun, and just overall interactive decor in the home. Whiteboard walls can be fun for everyone in the home and serve many different purposes. Imagine space where kids are allowed to draw and express themselves on the walls!

How Does Dry Erase Paint Work?

Typically, dry erase paint will come in 2 parts as a mix solution. This means you have 2 separate canisters of solution that are typically combined in a paint tray. You will want to ensure that you are ready to actually paint before mixing, as every dry erase paint we have seen has a certain amount of time that the application has to be done by, before the mixed solution is no longer able to be used. Once your two parts are mixed, whiteboard paint is best applied by using a high quality microfiber roller. If you are creating a traditional “white” whiteboard, then you’ll usually want a high quality primer applied to the wall and you’ll want your surface to be as smooth as possible before applying that primer. Once the primer is dried and smooth, then you can mix your 2 parts of your dry erase product and apply with a roller. If you are creating a “colored” whiteboard wall, it is best to ensure your wall is already painted the color that you want and looks perfect and is dry, before you apply a clear coat dry erase paint product.

Various brands have different dry times. Dry time for dry erase board paint can range from 48 hours up to a full week – please check your instructions or with your manufacturer before attempting to use your whiteboard surface after application. Most whiteboard paints recommend 2 full coatings to ensure the smoothest and best application possible.

Your experience will vary from product to product. Some products are easier to apply than others, and your overall experience will vary based on how well you follow instructions, and on the quality of the actual product. Other factors may include temperature, room, environment, the actual surface material, primer you use, etc.

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